translated from Spanish: Mayor Carlos Cuadrado Prats insists on opposition unity: “It’s time for parties to shut up and listen”

A day after the crushing triumph of the Apruebo and the Constitutional Convention, opposition mayors met to convene the unity of their sector for the April 11 elections to elect the constituents, signing a cross-cutting agreement in which they placed the parties to the unity of the sector.
In the same line, the mayor of Huechuraba Carlos Cuadrado Prats (PPD), who was at the signing of that agreement, notes that “the people of Chile spoke and it is time for parties and parliament to shut up and listen.”
“We have demonstrated capacity to work together, regardless of political positions, because we understand that there is a national priority that is the benefit of the citizens we represent,” he said.
The head of the commune of Huechuraba reiterated the importance of the role of the municipalities, adding that “we did so during the social outburst and did so and continue to do so during the pandemic, therefore there is no reason for political parties and Parliament to do direct work for the direct benefit of citizens by achieving unity and planning higher objectives for the homeland and for their people.”
The first vice-president of the Chilean Association of Municipalities added that “if they do not (political parties and Parliament) we will again be the mayors who will take the flag and move forward with the people based on a higher benefit which is the quality of life of the people we represent,” he concluded.
Cuadrado Prats also highlighted Huechuraba’s participation in Sunday’s plebiscite, which reached 63.1% of its standard. Of the communes ruled by opposition mayors, Huechuraba was the number 1 participation in the Metropolitan Region.

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