translated from Spanish: Announces that 100 businesses will participate in this Good End

Sinaloa.- Despite the health contingency that is lived by the covid and the economic impacts it has had, the business sector finalized details for what will be one more edition of the Good End program in Sinaloa. During a meeting held by representatives of Concanaco Servytur it was released that on this occasion will participate just over 100 businesses that expect the public’s response to be positive and thus improve the economic fluidity of companies a little.
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José Manuel López, president of the National Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Tourist Services, noted that despite their expectations, businesses are already ready for this discount program that will start on November 9th and end on November 20.

“It must be said and acknowledged that we have had lousy months for covid, but the Good End will help us to have a good close of the year, with good numbers. The information we have in this tenth edition in which we have health care as a priority, but the fundamental challenge is to increase revenue with participating spins, increasing sales,” he said. It also noted that digital sales would be an incentive for this program to have good numbers on this occasion, taking into account that this time it would reduce people’s income into business to avoid crowds that could pose a risk of covid contagion.
With the foray of mipymes into online sales we believe this will account for a third of the sales that will be made during the Good End program. We trust and are confident that this time and the sales that are made will be an incentive for trade and its recovery, he argued.

Finally, the members of this meeting of the business sector invited the population to join this program as every year and help in some way the economic revival of companies.

Original source in Spanish

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