translated from Spanish: Mutiny in Bonaerenses prisons, where will River play?, Halloween is not an invention of the USA, the Russian vaccine is coming and much more…

1. Mutiny in Bonaerenses prisons to demand the return of family visits

Injuries were reported to both inmates and prison service personnel. Read on here… 2. Thunder today presents the album ATREVIDO by streaming: when and where to watch it for free

Due to the pandemic, the rapper’s scheduled tour of Latin America, Spain and the United States was rescheduled for 2021. But you’re still going to be able to enjoy it live today. Read on here… 3. Carla Vizzotti travelled to Russia to learn about the vaccine

The Secretary of Access to Health went to know the advances of Sputnik V and negotiate the purchase of doses for Argentina. Read on here… 4. They did not authorize the River Camp and locals are looking to postpone the match

The Professional League gave Nuñez club time to look for a stadium until 20 a.m. on Saturday. Read on here… 5. Did you know that Halloween isn’t just a US invention. America?

Halloween is a holiday that is celebrated and reached relevance around the world, but do we know what is celebrated? Believe it or not, it’s not just an invention of the American capitalist system. Read on here… 6. Do you know what genital ulcer is? Sun Despeinada tells you here

Integral Sex Education is essential for us to know our body and its processes, so today our favorite doctor explains everything we need to know about genital ulcers. Read on here… 7. New terrorist attack in France: a priest was wounded in Lyon

It is believed that the fact is part of the terrorist attacks that have taken place during the last month in France. Read on here… 8. Santiago Silva received two years suspension for doping Withdrawing?

The cautionary that enabled the renowned striker of Argentinos Juniors to play in the first division was dropped and will now have to comply with what the Court of Discipline had. Read on here… 9. Ginés González García: “Vaccination against coronavirus will involve a huge effort”

The Minister of Health stated that Argentina is looking for “opportunity, quantity and price”, regarding the coronavirus vaccine and assured that its implementation will involve a huge effort. Read on here…

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