translated from Spanish: They ask that ingenuity be a historical heritage

The Mochis, Sinaloa.-There are repeated requests from collegiate groups, professionals, cultural and historians who first ask for a declaratory by the municipality for the area of sugar mill to be considered an industrial historical heritage, said José Armando Infante Fierro.The chronicler of Los Mochis expressed that this area is definitely privileged within the city and that undoubtedly a plus that has is precisely the historical value because part of the origins of the same population.
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It has always been a factor of strongness and development, but in that sense we must seek the preservation of this. He stated that the municipality should preserve it above any other interest or need, and the possible sale of this property should not even be placed on the table.” The fact that the municipality has been awarded this area, does so precisely with a unique opportunity for its preservation and this must be above any other interest or need, even for the municipality itself.

He stressed that drainage and other social works are needed, which are important and fundamental, but said that the preservation of the heritage of The Ahomens is also important and fundamental.” So we shouldn’t put this in the disjunction of whether it’s sold or not. I believe that without a doubt the preservation of these properties must be guaranteed by the municipal authority. In this sense, the municipality was given the opportunity to make the determination of what to do with these properties. I believe that the definition is undoubted, preservation must always be sought.” He added that if there are wastelands where there are no farms or buildings in the space that is considered, the municipality also has needs of these spaces for both green areas and institutions to be built.
As for example, there is talk of a museum of sites, we talk about the municipal archive that is so urged to be attended according to the new state archive law. In such a way that there is space available for constructions and other things, the City Council also has needs so that within its spaces are those institutions that are so lacking as a municipality.

He emphasized that the space of ingenuity is something that must be preserved and not only in terms of saying I already have it and I simply keep it, but in attending to it, restoring it and investing it.
Not only do you have to take money from it, you have to put money in it to seek its protection and preservation, and also give it greater value both from the historical, heritage point of view, but it will also serve to detonate tourism, culture and the development of a society.

Original source in Spanish

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