translated from Spanish: They didn’t authorize the River Camp and locals are looking to postpone the game

The Board of Directors of the Professional Football League (LPF), chaired by Marcelo Tinelli, stood firm and informed River today that he will not be able to play a place on his training ground in the Bonaerense town of Ezeiza. Marcelo Gallardo’s team hoped to be a venue there while the renovation works of the Monumental Stadium were carried out.

The resolution of the LPF vetting the River Camp. He arrived by mail two hours ago at the club. There is time until 20 hours to look for a new scenario, something practically impossible to solve in 7 hours. Beyond the arguments, the request was 15 days ago. Draw your conclusions — Ubaldo Kunz (@Sepu79)
October 31, 2020

“The documentation submitted by the C.A. River Plate is not sufficient to move the criterion of this Board of Directors and depart from the regulations and there is no record of official parties played on training grounds,” the LPF argued.

The entity explained that if they allowed River to perform in its sports center in Ezeiza they would have to “extend the same concession for the rest of the clubs and this would only entail very serious consequences in terms of television product, hierarchy of the League and therefore of Argentine Football”. For that reason, the LPF put as a “deadline” this Saturday at 20:00 for River to communicate “by email, a stadium that meets the requirements to officiate from home in the matches of the 2020 League Cup”.

Thus, one day after the match has to be contested, for the time being his dispute is not authorized, even though the president of AFA, Claudio “Chiqui” Tapia, visited the facilities on Thursday and assured that “the conditions for it to be played there are”.

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