translated from Spanish: Catholic University surpassed La Serena and returned to the top of the national tournament

Universidad Católica regained this Sunday the leadership of the 2020 National Championship, which it shares with Unión Española and Unión La Calera, by defeating colista Deportes La Serena 3-0 3-0 at the crossroads by the seventeenth date of the tournament. With the triumph at the Estadio San Carlos de Apoquindo, the team led by Ariel Holan reached 36 points and climbed to the top of the standings, where they are also ‘cementeros’ and ‘Hispanic’. However, the cast of the strip presents the first option of remaining as exclusive leader at the end of the first wheel, as it has to finish the suspended match with Curicó Unido and also has a pending clash with Palestino.Temprano took advantage of UC in its redoubt, with a goal at 4 minutes. Fernando Zampedri joined Gastón Lezcano, who searched behind César Pinares. The steering wheel ceded to Edson Puch with an outer edge and the Iquiqueño defined first to beat Raúl Olivares.After 1-0 in Las Condes, both teams searched for the rival goal and had many goal chances. The clearest was the ‘granate’ with a header in the center of Richard Paredes’s area, an action matías Dituro blocked with his feet (27′). At the start of the add-on, at 47 minutes, the two-time national football season increased through Gaston Lezcano. José Pedro Fuenzalida topped from the edge of the area, Raúl Olivares gave a short bounce and there was the Argentine end to define with the bow at his disposal. The squadron led by Miguel Ponce was far from sheltering and came very close to putting a discount that would have put uncertainty on the duel. Also point out the injury suffered by the experienced flyer Jaime Valdés, apparently a tear, which forced him out at 55′. After cardboard, the ‘papayeros’ had a great chance to score. Richard Paredes missed a criminal throw within 57 minutes, following Aued’s infringement of Barrientos, with a header that went by centimetres of Dituro’s right vertical.In the discounts, at 90+3′, the triumph was felt by the capital ensemble with the target of the young battering ram Diego Valencia, defining in the center of the area after Lezcano’s standard shipment from the right. At the start of the second wheel, with a date to be defined, Universidad Católica will receive Cobresal and Deportes La Serena will receive Huachipato…..

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