translated from Spanish: Minister Valdés and budget 2021 for her portfolio: “A weight that is placed in Culture is because it is no longer placed in another program or need of citizens”

The Minister of Cultures and the Arts, Consuelo Valdés referred to the budget that will receive her portfolio by 2021. In that line, he assured that art spends a complex moment through the COVID-19 pandemic, so he expects the budget to be 1%.
“October’s pandemic and social outburst has hit the cultural sector very unexpectedly and very severely,” he began in an interview with CNN Chile.
In that line, he said they made “a consultation in March, to find out what measures were in the opinion of collectives, organizations, artists found that our ministry should lift to meet their demands and their urgencies.”
Despite this, Valdés stated that “the ministry has no powers to provide social aid”, but that they did work on special calls and funds.
For this reason, Valdés is convinced that by 2021 they will have a “good project budget, within the health, economic and unemployment context that the country is”.
“It has to be the ambition of the State of Chile that I hope we reach a budget of 1%,” he added.
In the final part of the interview, Valdés said that is not up to her, as the resources “do not belong to this or the state (…) are resources of all Chileans and a weight that is placed in culture is because it is no longer placed in another program or need of citizens.”

Credit: CNN Chile

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