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The week after The Apruebo

We got off to a bad start. With documents before the Wall Street regulator that would legally complicate Saieh and the role of Itaú Brasil and BTG Pactual; the agreement between Watt’s and the FNE that went almost unnoticed but left paladins of the free market such as Fernándo Larraín, Pablo Echeverría and Bonifacio Bilbao tainted; plus an X-ray of who pays taxes in Chile. And, of course, the election in America in its final stretch. A new edition of El Semanal arrives.
Any ideas for improving pensions?
In the opinion of Sergio Vera, columnist of El Mostrador, none of the sectors see the slightest urgency about one of the most felt needs of all Chileans. Not even a plebiscite, he says, with strong results and the firmness of this demand for citizens, has managed to mobilize the political class to produce concrete solutions. For this reason, the academic has «A proposal to solve low pensions with a sense of urgency».
My old man, the gearbox and the car mirrors

Returning to the first driving experience, Gabriela Clivio says she still remembers the fear she had not only for taking care of her old man’s car – which she later understood was the least important thing for him – but because, as a result of a bad manoeuvre, she could hurt third parties; her old man and her. How does this story relate to the Plebiscite and the elaboration of a New Constitution? the economist and founding member of CFA Society Chile has her say at El Mostrador Mercados.
They’re going to find the new confinement expensive for the Germans.

According to calculations from economic studies institutes made public on Monday, new restrictions to deal with the coronavirus pandemic will cost the German economy about 19 billion euros and approximately 600,000 jobs. The details of this news in Un edited.

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