translated from Spanish: Users claim Chery to install fire extinguishers in their vehicles

A group of Chery users are in court demanding that the regulatory fire extinguisher be installed with fixing brackets on their vehicles. This claim covers all Chery models marketed in the last 10 years in our country. The lawsuit explains that those customers who have already installed the fire extinguisher on their own are financially compensated by the company. Chery made the lawsuit known through her official website and indicated that «the file is currently sentenced and is in the testing stage.» The communiqué was published in order for consumers deemed affected to appear to be in the case to exercise the right of exclusion provided for in Article 54 of Law 24.240 (2nd paragraph) within thirty (30) days, so that they can express their desire not to be covered.» In addition, Chery Socma Argentina S.A. communicates that all Chery branded products marketed in the Argentine Republic are always, duly qualified and approved by the relevant authority to be sold under the conditions offered in the network of concessionaires without until now receiving any penalty or conviction for this reason» , the mark concluded.
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