translated from Spanish: Citizen Pulse: 3.2% want experienced politicians like Constituents

Activa Research published its Citizen Pulse survey, which revealed that within a week of the plebiscite, 51.5% of the population feels «Hope» with the new constituent process that begins. In addition, 38.8% feel «optimism», 21.2% feel «Illusion» and 20.3% feel «reflective» and 20% feel «insecure.» In relation to the preferred profiles to be chosen as Constituents, 50.9% prefer «independent professionals without political militancy». Also, 38.5%, to «ordinary people like me»; 36.3%, to «expert constitutionalist lawyers»; and 33%, to «academics from universities and schools.» Meanwhile, only 3.2% of those consulted said they preferred «experienced politicians» and 0.7% to «political party militants.» Draft seats reserved for indigenous peoples in the Constitutional ConventionA 69.3% agree/according to the bill for quotas reserved for indigenous peoples in the process of the new constitution. On the second withdrawal project of 10% of AFPs, 85.7% of the people consulted agree very much or agree with this initiative, while 7.1% very disagree or disagree.

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