translated from Spanish: Copa Sudamericana: Audax succumbed to Bolivar in La Paz and is eliminated

Audax Italiano was fired on Tuesday from the 2020 Copa Sudamericana, specifically in the second round, after falling into the rematch by a clear 3-0 on his visit to Bolivar, in match played at the ‘Hernando Siles’ Stadium in La Paz.In the first leg, played last week at the San Carlos Stadium in Apoquindo, the team led by Francisco Meneghini won 2-1 and so the global ended up benefiting the Bolivians by 4-2.A loose match of the italics in height. He speculated too much and suffered continuously every time the celestials passed half the court. Therefore, it did not surprise that the peacemakers made the difference that allowed them to enter the eighth round. Those led by Walter Flores opened the bill within 21 minutes. Alvaro Rey gave a great assistance to Víctor Abrego, who defined with a powerful forehand in the ‘hot zone’. The goal hit Audax, who at 28′ and 29′ came very close to suffering a new bit. A big chiter from Muñoz and the pole left Bolivar without shouting a new figure. In the second lapse, at 68 minutes, the homeowner increased. After an accurate right-hand shipment by Juan Carlos Arce, Marcos Riquelme – former Audino and University of Chile player – scored in the small area and with the bow at his disposal. Just after 81 minutes the visitor warned that if he had scored he would go to criminals. Rodrigo Holgado’s precise filtered pass for Jorge Henríquez, who at the time of finishing found the precise crossing of a rival zaguero. Already in the last sigh of the match, at 90+7′, the key was felt by roberto Carlos Fernández’s target altypical team. The player of the ‘Academy’ entered the area alone, after a weed in the rival exit, and it was stung overcoming the chico of Joaquín Muñoz.The cast of cologne says goodbye early to the continental contest, where he only eliminated in the first phase Cusco of Peru (3-2 overall).

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