translated from Spanish: Diego Maradona will be operated on in the next few hours by a subdural hematoma

Yesterday, the news that Diego Maradona had been urgently interned in La Plata was known.

Today, however, news spread that the current La Plata Gymnastics and Fencing technician should be operated on in the coming hours by a subdural hematoma following a blow that caused a clot in a region of the brain. As the media learned, the intervention would take place tomorrow at The Fleni Sanatorium on Wednesday and, on the basis of statements from medical staff, the source of the trauma is so uncertain that the former footballer may have suffered «a month ago or five years ago.» Otherwise, the whole family of the 10th is aware of the situation. His daughter Dalma wrote on Twitter some messages about the situation.

And you can’t imagine the things I write and erase because now THE ONLY IMPORTANT THING IS THAT IT’S OK… But for the sake of all bloodsuckerS THAT NOTHING HAPPENS TO YOU … — Dalma Maradona (@dalmaradona)
November 3, 2020

«The only important thing is that he’s okay,» he wrote. «But for the sake of all the bloodsuckers that nothing happens to him.»

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