translated from Spanish: Among Us will add a support for colorblind players

The Among Us, is the successful video game worldwide, and as it grows in popularity and number of users, its creators are looking for ways to diversify the game with new features. The game developed by innersloth studio allows up to ten players, crew members of a spaceship, to play online games aimed at discovering and accusing impostors before they take down the entire crew. Your players are identified by a name, and also by a different color for each participant. 

That’s why one of the innovations they’re working on is the support for colorblind players, which will be incorporated into the next update. And its creators will motorize its operation to see if it needs any modification or improvement. The game also prepares the option for players to create their own game accounts in December. With this measure, they hope it will be easier to report people with toxic behavior in games or cheating.

In addition to another of the improvements that the game will have will be an extension of the map, which will be larger, and is inspired by the game Henry Stickman.

The latest game update has already included some modifications such as the «Secret Vote» so that all votes now appear in gray, and new taskbars.

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