translated from Spanish: Maradona: What is a subdural hematoma? Care, hazards and aftermath

Diego Maradona’s health worries everyone again, and when it seemed that his hospitalization had to do with cleaning up the drugs he consumes, news broke that a routine CT scan revealed a subdural hematoma, which translates as a hemorrhage between the skull and brain. To learn more about the details, neurologist Enrique De Rosa Alabaster (M.N. 63406) spoke to and made it clear what it is. “What it does is it establishes a speck of lenticle, as if it were a pillow that starts to fill with blood and compresses the brain mass.” It’s a contained bleed. It compresses the brain and generates brain edema, which unlike a knee edema that extends outwards, here has nowhere to expand,” the doctor said.
While not known as it was and Dr. Leopoldo Luque, Maradona’s personal physician, ruled out a blow, De Rosa adds that “the most common reasons are head trauma” and rules out that it may have been a stroke.” Unlike bleeding inside cell tissue, commonly referred to as ACV, this is contained. It is surgical, in many cases linked to anti-compressive measures,” he said. On the other hand, there are two questions that raise doubts: recovery and possible aftermath.” The reucperation time will have to do with the damage caused and the possibility that the patient is in a coma or not, and whether or not that injury was long. The sequels have to do with the areas that have been affected, i.e. there is not one but multiple sequels depending on the damage that has occurred.”

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