translated from Spanish: Producer of «Assembly of Cassez» sister of Yeyo Pimentel active member of Morena in Michoacán

Mexico.- In an interview presented by Carmen Aristegui, the former Information Coordinator of Carlos Loret de Mola reproached President López Obrador for integrating Azucena Pimentel, producer of the ‘assembly’ of Florence Cassez’s arrest.
This woman is the sister of Morena’s member, Yeyo Pimentel, who also served as the party’s state leader some time ago.
Through a letter to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Juan Manuel Magaña, former news coordinator driving Carlos Loret de Mola, Primero Noticias, he reproached azucena Pimentel Mendoza for his presidency team, who produced for Televisa the «assembly» of Florence Cassez’s arrest.
During the interview, she described how Pimentel was responsible for inventing an arrest of the band of alleged kidnappers «Los Zodiaco», which was broadcast live on national television, at the invitation of recently detained Genaro García Luna.
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«The program got involved in that manufacturing, knowing. Because there is a time when – behind the camera – the cops enter the property, and by slogan of the program they return them. The producer re-aligns them, and tells them to wait until the green light to transmit.»
Magaña stated that he sent his letter asking for «congruence» from the representative, «because he every day talks that whoever is in the fourth transformation must have principles, must have honorability, and having such a person on his team seems incongruous to me.»
Source: Carmen Aristegui

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