translated from Spanish: So will be the new streaming platform that just launched pre-sale

From yesterday he began pre-sales to Disney+ in Latin America. The streaming platform awaits its launch on the continent on November 17.
For those who purchase the annual subscription before the premiere, they will have access to a 15.5% discount on the annual value it will have at the time of launch.
Until November 16, the annual subscription in Chile will cost $54,900 final. Without the offer, the platform’s monthly subscription will consist of $6,500 per month or $64,900 for 12 months.
As discussed by the company, Disney+ will be available for mobile devices, internet-connected TVs as well as consoles, media players and smart TVs.
In addition, the company ensures that subscribers will be able to access content with up to four devices simultaneously.
They will also have «unlimited downloads on up to 10 devices, personalized recommendations and the ability to set up 7 different profiles, including the option for parents to create profiles for their sons and daughters with an easy-to-use interface designed specifically for children to access age-appropriate content,» they say.
What it brings
Disney+ previously confirmed a catalog for the time of its release. Among them are all Marvel-related series and films, as well as Star Wars-related material, including The Mandalorian.
They will also feature classic Disney and Pixar films, National Geographic content and will also feature the Broadway musical «Hamilton».
Regarding Fox content, Disney reported that, although the network continues to operate independently in Latin America, «the platform will feature some fox bookstore series and movies, as well as some episodes of The Simpsons,» as reported by the company days after announcing its release grid.
To date, disney has not specified what seasons of the series they will have or what other Fox materials they will possess in the premiere.

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