translated from Spanish: Trump campaign filed lawsuit to demand access to places where votes are counted in Michigan

Donald Trump’s campaign said Wednesday that he filed a lawsuit in Michigan state court to demand access to the places where the ballots are being counted, in one of the unre determined states that could determine whether President Trump wins another four years in the Blanca.La campaign he said he called for a temporary suspension of the count until he receives «significant access» in numerous locations and is allowed to review ballots that have already been open and processed. Trump is slightly behind Democratic nominee Joe Biden in Michigan. Trump campaign leader Bill Stepien mentioned «irregularities in several Wisconsin counties.» The actions occurred while election officials counted votes in several states crucial to the election. Meanwhile, Biden’s campaign welcomed the current vote count, and a campaign attorney said they are ready for any court battle. And Democrats in Michigan said Republican demand there had little chance of success. Lonnie Scott, chief executive of Progress Michigan, a liberal activism group, said Trump filed the lawsuit only to prevent The Associated Press and other media from declaring Biden the winner.» It’s a Hail Mary,» he said. The campaign has not publicly shared a copy of the lawsuit and it is unclear which areas it alleges it was denied access to. Republicans are already preparing legal challenges over absente votes in Pennsylvania and Nevada, disputed local decisions that might have national significance in a tight election. On Wednesday morning, Donald Trump said he will take the election to the Supreme Court, but it is unclear what this means in a country where scrutiny usually continues after polling day and states in general determine when they end.» We’re going to the U.S. Supreme Court, we want the whole vote to stop,» he said. But the vote is over. The only thing that continues across the country is scrutiny. No state will count votes arriving in the mail with postmarks after November 3. Biden’s campaign called Trump’s statement «outrageous, unprecedented and incorrect.» If the president meets his threat to go to court to try to prevent proper vote counting, we will have teams of lawyers ready to resist that attempt,» Biden’s campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon said in a statement. «And they will prevail.» Election law specialist Richard Hasen wrote in Slate magazine on Sunday that «there has never been any basis to argue that a ballot arriving on time cannot be counted if officials cannot finish counting on election night.» Edward Foley, professor of electoral law at Ohio State University, tweeted Wednesday that «valid votes will be counted. The Supreme Court would only intervene if there were votes of questionable validity that made a difference, which might not happen. The rule of law will determine the winner of the popular vote in each state. Let the rule of law do its job.» In any case, there is no way to file a fraud complaint directly with the highest court. Trump and his campaign could report problems over the way votes are counted in individual states, but they would have to resort in the first instance to a lower state or federal court. A Republican appeal is pending before the Supreme Court over whether Pennsylvania can count votes that arrive by mail between Wednesday and Friday, an extension ordered by the state’s superior court despite Republican objections. The case does not affect ballots issued and in the possession of the electoral authorities, even if they have not yet been counted. A small number of votes objected to would suffice to alter a state’s outcome if the difference between Trump and Biden is a few thousand or even a few hundred votes.

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