translated from Spanish: Veracruz deputy celebrates his daughter’s 15th birthday despite Covid-19

Xalapa, Veracruz.- While health authorities impose new restrictions on social mobility to mitigate the spread of Covid-19, a Magdaleno Rosales MP celebrated his daughter Kimberly’s 15th birthday in the municipality of Soledad de Doblado.Al to be questioned, the congressman of Veracruz’ local congress argument that he fulfilled as a father at the insistence of his daughter to throw the party. In addition, he stated that he «only summoned approximately 100 to 120 people.»
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At the end of an extraordinary session held on Wednesday, the legislator tried to flee the local reporters but upon being reached only replied that it was a compromise with his daughter. However, He lectured the communicators by noting that in other events held by his party more than a thousand people have been summoned regardless of health contingency.

The 15-year-old party may have gone unnoticed, but the MP himself posted images and videos on social media, which caused outrage in one sector of society. Only when receiving reprimands and criticisms was the material removed from the web. This is not the first time that the congressman of Veracruz has caused controversy in favoring his children despite the violation of moral norms. 15 days ago he was exposed that he put one of his sons on the congressional payroll, with a salary of 15 thousand pesos per month. Instead of apologizing, Rosales claimed that other politicians had done similar things and argued that the relatives of other legislators are also on the legislative payroll.

The deputy spread the photos of the party on his social media. Facebook: @Leno.Rosales.Torres

Original source in Spanish

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