translated from Spanish: AChM celebrates the appointment of Rodrigo Delgado as Minister of the Interior: «This vision is being valued in municipalism in order to develop a country with adherence to the community»

The Chilean Association of Municipalities (AChM), headed by the mayor of Natales, Fernando Paredes celebrated that the former vice president of the institution and former mayor of Estación Central, Rodrigo Delgado, assumes the Ministry of the Interior.
«We understand that the Government is rated and recognized in municipalism, and mainly in mayors that vision that is being had, in order to develop a country with great attachment to the community, and that permanent contact that today the communal chiefs have on a permanent basis,» Paredes said.
In addition, the edil emphasized that «without a doubt, Rodrigo Delgado, will be able to take advantage of all that experience, to turn it over to the Government and the Ministry of the Interior».
Finally, the president of the AChM, stated that «we celebrate this appointment, and we wish Rodrigo Delgado all the luck and willingness to collaborate with the Ministry of the Interior, for the benefit of each of the Chileans and Chileans».
The AChM sent a letter to the new minister pointing to the willingness of local authorities to collaborate in all areas that are about to improve the quality of life of citizens and generate fruitful dialogue in those areas such as decentralization, municipal autonomy and greater powers and resources for communes, especially those that are rural and far from urban centers.
The municipalities state that Chile requires them to listen to it, there are many pressing problems for millions of people and they share with the new Minister of the Interior their statements, in the sense of being attentive to what our neighbors are suffering as a product of the COVID 19 pandemic.
Finally, municipalities want success in managing the former mayor and declare that they will be available in those instances where the participation of our municipalities is required.

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