translated from Spanish: Angel of Britus on Lola Latorre: “They would have to disqualify her”

Angel de Brito opined without qualms about the controversy involving Lola Latorre and her alleged attendance at a clandestine party and for which she was suspended from the singing contest for 15 days. In this line, de Brito expressed, despite his friendship with Yanina Latorre and his working link, without any problem that for him the decision of the production to suspend the young woman was the right one. However, at the insistence of the networks, which asked him for his opinion, comparing the situation with Pablito Ruiz who for the same reason had been disqualified. He gave his stance. 
Analyzing on the subject in Los Angeles of the Morning, in the face of a similar situation and different sanctions, Angel de Brito explained the firm decision he would have made if he were producer, with Yanina Latorre’s daughter or with any member of the Singing that violates such an important rule, in the midst of a health crisis.” If you ask the production, they say, ‘We are not Justice, we are not an ethical court, that is why we decided to isolate it.’ If I were a producer, I’d have done this. Anyone, it’s Claribel Medina, Cinthia Fernandez, me. It’s not personal,” Angel de Brito said bluntly.

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