translated from Spanish: They locate lifeless women with signs of violence in Zacapu

home Security They locate lifeless women with signs of violence in Zacapu

Zacapu, Mich. – The lifeless body of a woman who is as unknown was found lying on the streets of the Tacícuaro colony, located in this city of Zacapu. The matter is investigated by the personnel of the Expert Services and Crime Scene Unit of the State Attorney General’s Office.
According to the information obtained on the subject, the body lay on Luis Moya Street, the neighbors themselves located it and quickly gave notice of what happened to the 911 emergency telephone number. The first to arrive were Public Security agents who, upon confirming the criminal event, guarded the site.
The matter was left to the experts of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, who were in charge of transferring the now-western amphitheatre to the lead. Official contacts mentioned to this wording that the deceased is a person between 35 and 40 years of age, her family is expected to go to the morgue to claim it.
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The guardians of the order did not reveal what kind of injuries the endy has and at the moment the motive of the murder is ignored, but it is expected that with the investigations carried out by the investigators the matter will be clarified and those responsible brought to justice, they told this medium police sources.

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