translated from Spanish: AMLO says there are resources for rain victims in Tabasco

Mexico’s president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, said there are sufficient resources to cater to those affected by the floods in Tabasco, and asked them not to be manipulated by rumors, «because there is an election season, there is a lot of politicking.»
At the conclusion of aid supervision for those affected in Tabasco, the representative confirmed the deaths of five people, but said fewer rains are forecast in the coming days.

We evaluated with Governor Adam Augustus and public servants of the federal government and Tabasco the situation of the floods. There are still 7,000,278 people in shelters. DN-III and Marina plans continue to apply. I hope the prediction that it will stop raining is met.
— Andrés Manuel (@lopezobrador_) November 8, 2020

López Obrador said in a message recorded from the Boardwalk of Villahermosa that they will continue to support the victims, in conjunction with federal authorities, Army and Navy. «They’re not going to miss the food, they’re not going to miss the essentials,» he said.
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«The government has to give special attention to those who need it most, that is justice. Although there is no longer the Fonden, which used it to buy equipment, to buy furniture in times of flooding, and there was a lot of corruption in the management of that fund, we fortunately have many national budget resources to support the victims»
«I think we’ll be able to get ahead. The Peñitas dam is already more controlled because it has stopped raining and there is a forecast that it will not rain or it will rain little,» said the representative, who canceled his tour of Sinaloa to address the situation.
López Obrador added that next Tuesday there will be a meeting with the governors of Tabasco and Chiapas in conjunction with their cabinet, to «seek a substantive, structural solution» for the floods.
In front of journalists, the representative said that there are groups trying to take advantage of the situation in the state, so people should avoid being manipulated.
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«They will be taken care of by all, and not allowed to be manipulated because because there is a lot of politicization, then there are those who want the charges; because flesh has already come to the bone and they walk there to spread pantries, wanting to look good with people, that’s history anymore that doesn’t work anymore,» he said, according to the Reforma newspaper.
«That’s not the case, there are a lot of rumors of misinformation, but I tell my countrymen: trust them, I’m never going to lie to them. Remember not to steal, not to lie, and not to betray the people,» he said.
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