translated from Spanish: March against the Government in different areas of the country, fires continue, Santos Borré has coronavirus and much more…

1. Demonstrations against the Government at different points in the country

It is believed that the highest concentrations will be in the city of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Córdoba and Entre Ríos. I kept reading here… 2. Forest fires continue in six provinces

Jujuy, San Luis, Córdoba, Salta, Catamarca and La Rioja continue with active pockets of wildfires. I kept reading here… 3. Rafael Santos Borré has coronavirus

The Colombian striker was tested after being in close contact with a infected person. I kept reading here… 4. Casa Rosada lit up with the rainbow of sexual diversity

Casa Rosada showed on its walls, through its luminaires, the colors of the flag of sexual diversity to commemorate the month of LGBTIQ+ pride, which began this Saturday. I kept reading here… 5. Tense cross between Juana Viale and Nicolás Trotta

The driver and the Minister of Education crossed paths by discussing the country’s economic situation. I kept reading here… 6. Tobio was charged after starring in an accident: two women were injured

During the early morning, in Ramos Mejía, the Estudiantes player hit a remis in which two passengers were traveling. I kept reading here… 7. U.S. election: Jim Carrey imitated Joe Biden and mocked Donald Trump’s defeat

After learning of the triumph of the Democratic nominee, Jim Carrey again imitated him, while Maya Rudolph played the new vice president, Kamala Harris. I kept reading here…

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