translated from Spanish: Matías Morla reported that Diego remains “sedated and resting”

Diego Armando Maradona, recently operated on a subdural hematoma, remains interned at the Olivos Clinic “sedated and resting” as stated by his lawyer Matías Morla.El Diez is still interned by the postoperative operation held on Tuesday, November 3 that was complicated by an abstinence box.” There is a medical body, made up of more than ten professionals, that is in permanent communication with everyone,” Morla added to the press before retiring from the sanatorium today. Diego’s legal counsel and friend said that, by medical indication, “we have to wait for the evolution” of the patient to know how and where rehabilitation will continue. Maradona had entered a clinic in La Plata last Monday with a picture of anemia, dehydration and moods. But, as a result of other complementary studies, they detected the presence of a blood clot between the skull and brain. For this diagnosis, Diego Maradona was transferred to the Olivos Clinic and operated on a day later by his personal physician, the neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luque.Si well the recovery is good, it was known that Maradona’s neurological picture was complicated by his consumption and subsequent abstinence from alcohol and his dependence on psychopharmaceuticals. As he transcended, for this reason and for greater control over his origanism is that he was sedated. Luque warned that Maradona will remain in the Olivos Clinic “at least until Monday” and Morla confirmed this Saturday that “because of the situation I saw him in recently, there is no chance of him coming out on the weekend. He’s sedated and waiting for results.”

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