translated from Spanish: CDMX foresees more restrictions on increased COVID hospitalizations

Mexico City authorities foresees more trade restrictions due to increased COVID-19 hospitalizations in mexico’s Valle Metropolitan Zone.
Eduardo Clark, general manager of the Center for Technology and Intelligence in Mexico City, explained that the increase in hospitalizations in recent days worries the authorities, so more restrictive measures are expected to be announced this Friday, November 13.
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“We’ve had two pretty bad days, we’ve gone up from 3,801 people hospitalized, to 3,970, it’s an increase that hadn’t been seen in a while,” the official said for W Radio’s El Weso.
Although Clark stated that red light is not the first choice in mind, “we would have to think first of all about other restrictions on trade schedules and turns. We can’t relax, we have to be very alert, that if this week it goes on like this, we’re going to have to announce maybe stronger measures on Friday,” Enrique Hernández Alcázar explained.
He insisted that just as activities resumed for 15 weeks in a row “seeing small improvements,” Mexico City is likely to enter a “path backwards.”
As of November 9, Mexico City reported 15,656 COVID-19 deaths, as well as a cumulative 170,996 cases since the onset of the epidemic, of which 11,220 are active cases.
It also reported 42% hospital occupation; 2,203 occupied general beds, and 753 more with fan.
The percentage of positivity, confirmation of COVID-19 in suspected cases, is 25%, while 432 thousand 470 tests have been performed in the last week.
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