translated from Spanish: Grijalva River overflows and floods six colonies in Tabasco

The overflow of the Grijalva River since Monday by the accumulation of water affected at least 6 adjoining sectors in which around 30,000 people live, in the South Seagulls area of Tabasco.
Flooding caused by the overflow overstelled the meter and a half in some areas so the inhabitants were forced to vacate their homes.
According to the Tabasco Hoy medium, the affected sectors are: Cedral, Coquitos, San José, Armenia, Valle Verde and the three sections of the Monal.
The affected people are supported by elements of the Navy and the National Army, some were able to go out on foot and others had to do so in boats.
As a preventive measure, the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) suspended service.
At his morning conference on Tuesday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that all those affected by the rains in Chiapas and Tabasco will receive the help they need to repair their losses.
He noted that his government was implementing a three-stage support program that prioritized the protection of the lives of those affected.
The representative reported that so far there has been the report of 35 thousand affected houses in Chiapas and Tabasco whose families will receive financial support that could be up to 10 thousand pesos.
López Obrador said that the situation in the Las Peñitas dam is almost controlled thanks to the blur they made in recent days and that they will now focus on the attention of the overflow of the Grijalva River.
He said that at 12 a.m. he would have an inter-agency meeting with Civil Protection, CFE, Conagua, the governors of Tabasco and Chiapas, and the secretaries of Defense and Navy, to draw up a plan that addresses the causes of these floods and no further floods of this magnitude.
It detailed that this plan would consist of four stages: (1) the acquisition of dredger for river desazolve; (2) control of the four dams of the Grijalva River so that empty vessels remain in the rainy season; (3) an urban development plan in the area, and 4) ensure the well-being of the inhabitants of the region.
With information from Tabasco Today.
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