translated from Spanish: New medical part about Lío Pecoraro’s health: evolves and opened his eyes

A new medical part on the health of communicator Lío Pecoraro (45), who remains admitted to the Hospital de Clínicas (Av. Córdoba 2351) was known to perform a treatment against atypical promyelocytic leukemia that was diagnosed.» The patient Lío Pecoraro is taking his illness in a clinical hospital ward and evolving as expected, without mechanical respiratory assistance», begins describing the communication of the Hospital, which was disseminated in the last hours of this Tuesday, November 10.

A week after he was admitted to the intensive care area, he remains without a ventilator, opened his eyes and was moved to a room. Doctors, they specified, «are responding appropriately to antibiotics as part of their chemotherapy treatment for their leukemia and receiving transfusion support for red blood cells and platelets.» 

Medical part

For this reason, it was that his friend and partner in El run run del espectáculo, Fernando Piaggio, who through his social networks asked that blood givers be presented for Lío, who «continues under permanent control and with good evolution», as the medical part closes. «He is giving his battle side by side, with all his energies and his health. It’s side by side with the pros. Lío woke up. He opened his eyes and is aware that the struggle continues, that it is not an easy struggle… He knows from day one that this fight is fucked up, but he woke up and opened his eyes,» Piaggio said in Chronicle.

Pecoraro Mess Photo: Instagram @liopecoraro

It was in mid-October that Lío told her followers what her diagnosis was to make visible the importance of frequent clinical checkups and start treatments as soon as possible. «It is a leukemia, severe, acute, that acts very quickly, but in favor has a large quota, which is that the treatment that receives this disease works very well. (…) I’m going to beat him and tell him for those who might be going through the same thing.»
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