translated from Spanish: Sinaloa dams record under storage in the season

Sinaloa.- There are 7 dams of the 11 that supply the state of Sinaloa, which are currently below the levels captured during 2019, according to the report of the Confederation of Agricultural Associations of the Sinaloa State (Caades). Since it was in the last 24 hours that the state dams had a drop of 18.3 mm, 10.8 percentage points below what was usual, society is called to make responsible use of water.
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Dams below what was captured during the previous year, highlights huites which has 42 percent of its capacity, and last year on the same date had 86 percent, Mahone 43 percent vs. 56th in 2019, El Sabino 54 percent vs. 69 percent, Bacurato 46 percent vs. 53 percent , Guamúchil 47 percent vs. 89 percent, Vinoramas 32 percent versus 33 percent, El Comedero 32 percent vs. 48 percent.

For dams with the highest amount of water compared to 2019, there is El Sabinal with 40 percent of 39 percent in 2019, El Varejonal 44 percent of 38 percent and Sanalona 83 percent of 54 percent, with the most water in Sinaloa. As for the percentage of water that has so far this is 45.9 percent, corresponding to 7 thousand 045.2 cubic millimeters and in 2019 you had 56.7 percent with 8 thousand 700.2 cubic millimeters by november. Ramón López, technical director of the National Water Commission (Conagua), announced that this year, there is a 60 percent decrease in rainfall that was presented during the past year, so the Sinaloa dams have captured much lower levels of water. However, so far there is no deficit for population supply or for the current agricultural cycle, as it was during 2019 that the extraordinary rainfall recorded during the month of November contributed 20% more than expected. Despite this, it is expected that rains will occur in the coming months that may create conditions to avoid limitations. 

Original source in Spanish

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