translated from Spanish: Social organizations and taxi drivers protest in the porteño center

The Independent Movement of Justice and Dignity, headed by Raúl Castells, protests in the vicinity of the Obelisk and threatens to camp in that area, which is currently blocked. They demonstrate against the cut in Emergency Family Income and call for an increase in the credit.

“45 days to Go until Christmas, they removed the IFE and suspended the delivery of food for community canteens,” Castells said, in dialogue at the TN sign, who also advanced that if they are not received by The Minister of Social Development, Daniel Arroyo, they will camp “on the asphalt.” We are with various protests calling for wage increases for workers and retirees; the return of the IFE and the delivery of food cards. We’re going to camp on 9th Avenue in July until we have an answer,” Castells said, teaching, state and health workers’ union sectors are also involved. These protests were also joined by taxi drivers. Trade union organizations and nucleated groups on the “Front of Tax Unit” re-mobilized against “the lack of concrete responses and inaction” against “pirate and illegal applications” of transport.

“We are continuing our plan to combat these pirated and illegal applications, not all apps, we are against companies that have pirate apps, those that come from outside the country, those that come to take our jobs and who take their profits out of the country, without taxing the country,” said the general secretary of the Taxi Pawns Union (SPT) Jorge García said they are “against these companies and their applications that perform a black activity”, adding that these are “large companies that do not pay taxes and risk the lives of drivers and passengers because they do not have any kind of insurance for life”.

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