translated from Spanish: Strong majority in the Chamber chamber of deputies: idea of legislating second retirement of 10% is approved by 130 votes in favor

In a vote marked by the support of officialism, the Chamber of Deputies overwhelmingly approved the second withdrawal of 10% of AFPs by 130 votes in favour, 18 against and 2 abstentions.
The vote represents a new setback for the Government which insisted so far on the arguments that the project “is not good public policy” and “puts future pensions at risk” and even ensured that it has delivered the necessary responses so that families can deal with the crisis, a thesis that even officialism did not subscribe to.
But not only was there a lack of officialism towards the government, which at all times tried to assert its point, but also harsh criticisms such as THE head of UDI bench María José Hoffmann pointed to the Executive for the “lack of strategy” and notified that “from today, the relationship of this bench will change with the Government”. Meanwhile, RN MP Diego Schalper also alluded to the Executive’s lack of responses, noting that “too many have not received the help they need to even think about surviving the day-to-day.”
From the government they assumed early on that the votes would not be there. “It will most likely be approved today,” Minister General of Government Jaime Bellolio admitted this morning.
Project for the terminally ill
Previously, the Chamber of Deputies generally approved by 150 votes in favour of the draft withdrawal of funds from AFP for the terminally ill, authorship of Deputy PS Marcos Ilabaca.
The discussion of this project is also not without controversy, because there is another of similar characteristics entered by the Government with immediate discussion via the Labour Commission, which has been described as “cumbersome” by opposition parliamentarians. It was approved only in general and as it was the subject of indications it returned to the Constitution Committee for discussion in particular.

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