translated from Spanish: Angostura’s V-II Irrigation Module Announces Important Works

Angostura, Sinaloa.- With the firm objective of improving the hydraulic network and offering a more efficient service to users, as well as counting new and first level machinery, the Irrigation Module V-II of Angostura announces the application of more than 10 million pesos. Oscar Inzunza, president of the hydroagrícola body, states that the tubing of two sublaterals is already authorized, such as the completion of 145 and 01800 of the 125, works that by the way are almost 100 percent completed, also already has the letter to carry out another pipe, which is 3+226 of the same side 125. 
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It also announces that at a council meeting they held at ANUR (National Association of Irrigation Users) the commitment is to achieve another letter of authorization to buy a devaradora machine, whose cost is above 3 million pesos.

“Two more works are coming that were not contemplated in the budget or in the program, this is being achieved with pure management that we do as president and also Aurelio Lugo, who is the advisor of ANUR, where budgets and amounts are reallocated to each module, before different agencies. That has led to very good dividends. We are doing important works, in addition to buying machinery and I believe that we will go over 10 million pesos in investment and how the economic conditions are where we are very limited this is a great achievement, because the management has not paid off. The economic solvency that we have in the module leads us to that, because I believe that it is one of the very few modules that until today does not owe any five to the banks, has not requested credits, since we have managed with the quotas of users and we have been very responsible in the management of resources. The goal that we have in this administration is to give users certain works, machinery and all that so that you are satisfied with the service you receive and not unprotected”, highlights Oscar Inzunza Inzunza, president of the Irrigation Module V-II. 

Original source in Spanish

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