translated from Spanish: Influenza vaccine continues to be application in MISS Michoacán

Michoacán.- The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in Michoacán continues with seasonal influenza vaccination, in its medical units in the entity. The AUXILIARy Coordinator of Public Health of the IMSS in Michoacán, Elvira García Cuin, disclosed that the right-hand population can go to her adscription clinic at morning and evening times.
She said that since the start of the flu vaccination season, target groups, including six-month to four-year-olds and people over 60 years of age, have been given priority.
Similarly, people at higher risk of getting sick, such as: health workers, pregnant women, and people in their five to 59s who live with diabetes mellitus in control, morbid obesity, chronic heart disease, cancer, hard-to-control asthma, HIV infection, or other conditions that decrease the immune system.
He indicated that the goal was the application of more than 313 thousand doses in the Ordinary Regime and 288 thousand doses in the IMSS Wellness Program.
He asked the right-class population to keep the health measures required by the current emergency when going to vaccination modules, such as: healthy distance, carrying mouth covers, applying alcohol gely to the hands to attend to vaccination instructions.
For his part, the Assistant Coordinator of Epidemiology, Fernando Caín Castañeda Martínez, explained that although no joint cases of COVID-19 and influenza have been identified in a single patient simultaneously, the population should be prepared with greater prevention measures in the autumn-winter season.
It abounded that the low temperatures of the autumn-winter season contribute indirectly to the increase in acute respiratory infections that can lead to influenza pneumonia or COVID-19 and take the patient to stages of severity and even death.
Finally, he said that the seasonal influenza vaccine is exclusively to protect against this viral respiratory disease, but that if a person were to contract SARS-CoV-2 virus and also influenza, it would be an extreme and dangerous health condition, so the application of the biological available in the SSM is recommended.

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