translated from Spanish: Professor talks about taking migrants to concentration camps; FES pushes him away

A teacher in the subject of Economic Theory in the FES Aragon of UNAM spoke in a class of taking migrants in concentration camps and burning them, as heard in a video broadcast on social networks.
In his exhibition, the professor says, «Don’t be offended, I know that many are pro-life and all this stuff, I understand it and really how beautiful, I’m just setting an economic example, so everything that happened with the waves of migrants, where many took the position of ‘is that you have to support them, is that they are human’, if they had asked me all I would take them to a concentration center, to a concentration camp, and we burn them, we bathe them like Hitler.»
According to the professor, his comment was not social or human, but economic.
Faced with the denunciation of groups such as the Violetas FES Aragon Collective, the UNAM campus reported on the decision to «separate from any contact with the student community» the professor of Economic Theory.
This, «as a measure to officially follow university processes and regulations,» as the teacher’s comments are «contrary to university principles.»

— FES Aragon UNAM (@FESAragonUNAM) November 11, 2020

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Original source in Spanish

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