translated from Spanish: Await DNA confirmation of remains found in Culiacán

Culiacán.- An immense pain, anger and a little rest felt Maria Guadalupe at the time when she was told that there was a body buried in a clandestine pit located at the foot of a hill near Campo Morelia, in the village of La Milpita de Mojolo, belonging to the syndicature of Villa Adolfo López Mateos (El Tamarindo) in Culiacán , Sinaloa; On that site he had been informed months ago through an anonymous call that his son Jesus Manuel S could be there.  The rest he experienced was because after eight months of intense searching and great suffering he found, he will now have a place to mourn him, dead, but returned home.
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You will continue to feel the pain and emptiness that leaves your absence, but you can now continue more strongly to demand that justice be done and that those responsible who are allegedly already identified and with an apprehension order against you go to prison and cannot harm another person. Maria Guadalupe awaits confirmation of the DNA sample but her heart tells her that it is her son, that cheerful young worker who gave her happy moments, she gets those good times. She says she will continue with the groups of trackers who helped her find her son because in her own flesh she has already felt the painful experience of those women who with a broken heart search among the earth for their loved ones. Maria Guadalupe thanks all the people who shared the photo of her missing son, there were many who without knowing her gave her words of encouragement which she will remember and value all her life. Thank the one who had the courage to make the call and give him a clue where to look. Jesus Manuel disappeared on 24 February from his department in Urbivillas del Prado, it is believed that there he was beaten wildly because there was a lot of blood left, then he was taken, murdered and buried in the underground pit located last Wednesday. The only mistake her son made was trusting people who passed on to his clients, engaged in social media sales, and the possible motive to take his life was stealing his merchandise, his mom laments. She also asks people who sell merchandise on social media to be very careful because it’s often too dangerous an activity, so much so that it cost her child a living.

Original source in Spanish

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