translated from Spanish: Dalma Maradona spoke out against her father’s published photo

In the midst of a message of thanks that he posted on his official instagram account, Dalma Maradona also took the opportunity to express his disappointment, again, with those around his father. He also referred to the latest statements he had made, against the press, which obstructed the exit-entry of the clinic where until yesterday Diego Armando Maradona was interned. 

The photo in question that caused discomfort in Diego’s family portrays the doctor, Leopoldo Luque, who was in charge of the operation in the head to which Maradona was subjected, where he is seen smiling and hand in hand with the football star in the sanatorium. 

After the broadcast Dalma wrote: «I want to send this goal hug to everyone who prayed and sent us the best wishes so that my dad can recover,» begins the post the actress posted on her Instagram account. «It was never in me to be mysterious, but having such an important person in intensive care seemed to me that the right thing to do was for the doctors to speak,» she began to clarify and went straight to the point that keeps her upset. «We had stayed that we were all going to preserve it and someone posted a photo,» Dalma lamented, adding, «There are things I’m never going to understand…» He remarred, then ended the message with optimism. «I focus on accompanying you because it’s a long road and there’s so much to do! As I always tell you, IT DOES NOT REACH MY LIFE TO THANK SO MUCH LOVE FOR MY DAD! Thanks a lot! TO THE Crazy Maradons THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU all for your words of love! A THOUSAND TIMES THANK YOU!» 

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