translated from Spanish: Grey’s Anatomy: What you need to know before the new season

Today, the U.S. premiere of the 17th season of Grey’s Anatomy, a successful American series that will play its 16th birthday on the air in March 2021.
And while there’s still time to watch it in Latin America (via Netflix), fans around the world are still looking forward to the new installment that, according to Ellen Pompeo, actress behind Meredith Grey, might be the last.
«We still don’t know when the show really ends, but the truth is that this year could be. I mean, this is the last year of my contract right now,» the actress told Variety magazine.
However, what is coming for this new season is at best, tremendous. The previous version had several important revelations, including the cancellation of the wedding between Teddy Altman and Owen Hunt, this after a match between Teddy and Thomas Koracick, who tries to convince the surgeon not to marry Owen. The confrontation ends with both having sex, however, Teddy does not realize that he dialed Owen’s phone and the moment is recorded in a voice message.
Similarly, Andrew Deluca’s discovery of Dr. Richard Webber’s cobalt poisoning was highlighted. The young doctor would be beginning to develop a possible bipolar disorder. For now she has the support of Grey, who until the end of the season remained a friend, and no longer as her partner.
Meredith could find hes he or she is in a new love affair between how she feels – or has stopped feeling – about Andrew and what might happen to cristina yang, Dr. Cormac Hayes, who is waiting for an exit with Dr. Grey.
Another moment worth remembering was Jo Wilson’s love, this after the unexpected goodbye of her husband, Dr. Alex Karev, who after contacting her ex Izzie Stevens, discovers that she had twins with him, due to the eggs fertilized in vitro when Izzie began her cancer treatment, so she wanted to start a new family life and handed Wilson the divorce papers.
And you still don’t have to forget the arrival of Amelia Shepherd and Atticus Lincoln’s baby, better known as Link. With the help of Miranda Bailey, she gives birth to a healthy baby.
It’s not a continuation
Although the previous season she was unable to finish her recordings, showrunner (lead writer and producer) of the series, Krista Vernoff, stated that «we can’t just film what was going to be (the episode) 22 and make it the premiere,» adding that the plot should cover two timelines: what was pending after the covid-19’s recordings were suspended and what happens today , portraying the doctors facing the pandemic.
So far, we know that the first episode will be mixed with the Station 19 series, one of the many spin-offs in history.

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