translated from Spanish: He’s a tough critic of Donald Trump, Ron Klain, future chief of staff

Washington.- On Wednesday, President-elect Joe Biden, appointed Ron Klain, as his next White House chief of staff, a lawyer by profession, and a strong critic of Donald Trump’s management of the pandemic, has been a tough critic of President Donald Trump’s management of the pandemic. , who initially insisted that the coronavirus would disappear alone and then focused its policy on the confidence that a vaccine would emerge that would end the disease.
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Klain was also his chief of staff in his early years as vice president in Barack Obama’s administration (2009–2017) and coordinated the Ebola response at the White House in 2014.
Ron Klain and Joe Biden worked together when the latter was vice president of Barack Obama’s 2009-2017 administration, and coordinated the Ebola response at the White House in 2014, which is why he may have been the main reason Biden chose him for the position. The United States has reached a record 140,000 daily Covid-19 contagions and more than 240,000 deaths, with which it has already been able to enter a third wave of the pandemic, according to experts, which is why Biden has set itself one of his government’s priorities to fight the coronavirus pandemic.
His extensive and varied experience and his ability to work with people across the political spectrum is precisely what I need in a White House chief of staff as we face this moment of crisis and unite our country again, Biden said in his Twitter account 

Ron Klain coordinated the Ebola response in Barack Obama’s administration. Photo: AFP

The Democratic politician is also a veteran of the capitol corridors, an environment he has known well since he worked in Biden’s office in Congress as a senator for Delaware, after graduating from Harvard Law School, according to EFE News Agency. Biden’s future chief of staff was also Obama’s adviser and has been a member of business administration councils, and according to the president-elector his job was “invaluable,” so it was seen as the most likely option to lead Biden’s team in the White House. , Biden is expected to announce in the coming days his key white house contributors, chosen from his circle of trust.

Original source in Spanish

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