translated from Spanish: It reveals how much Harry Styles’ fortune amounts

Singer, songwriter and actor Harry Styles, a former member of One Direction and who made his film debut with «Dunkirk» (2017) has achieved success after the separation of One Direction, in less than a decade, has become one of the Most Screened and Successful English artists. Harry Styles’ current fortune is more than 82 million euros, finished second on Heat magazine’s list of the richest British celebrities under the age of 30, behind only Ed Sheeran, and surpassing the rest of his former boybandmates from which he emerged, although they all rank in the top 10.
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In 2015, before their separation and collectively, Forbes placed One Direction as the highest-paid celebrities of the time under the age of 30, earning around 110 million euros a year, unbanking stars of the time such as Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga.

Since the group’s dissolution was official in January 2016, Harry Styles has not slowed the pace of his upstream career, founding his own label, Erskine Records, in May of that year and signing a juicy contract with Columbia, the same label behind his ex-group, a month later. Since embarking on his solo career, his fortune has been estimated to have increased by around 55 million euros. Let’s do the math: Erskine Records has assets for about 27 million of Styles’ music sales; more than 24 million are the balance counted by its company Erskine Touring, derived from the profits of the concerts; and more than 3 million correspond to HSA Publishing, another company of the singer, founded with Irish accountant Alan McEvoy in 2014.

Harry Styles during the 2020 Brit Awards at the O2 Arena in London/EFE

Apart from his direct income from his activity as a singer, it should be noted that Harry Styles has other facets, such as that of composer, having signed songs by other artists such as Just a Little Bit of Your Heart, by Ariana Grande, or the Someday by Michael Bublé, co-written with Meghan Trainor. In addition, he had his beginnings on the big screen when Christopher Nolan counted on him for his World War II war drama, Dunkirk.Harry Styles has also been able to enter the world of television, being executive producer of the CBS series Happy Together inspired by his life. And finally advertising: Styles’ quirky style has also won him the sympathy of the big fashion firms, and more specifically Gucci, who has signed him for successive campaigns of the Italian house.
Among the singer’s real estate is his latest acquisition, a mansion of almost 10 million euros in London after leaving his previous home (about 3 million euros) having had problems with a stalker sleeping in his front garden. In addition, he has acquired properties on both coasts of the United States.In New York he acquired an $8 million condominium in Tribeca, where other stars such as Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Lawrence live. The Los Angeles is a mansion on the Sunset Strip that decided to go on sale in May 2017 for $8.45 million, but has been priced successively to $7 million. Early in his career, in 2012, he acquired a four-bedroom bachelor flat in London for 3 million pounds, which the press nicknamed Party Palace for how lively his life in it was.

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