translated from Spanish: Rossi, on the FFAA liaison table: «he is intolerable in a democratic state»

On Wednesday, organizations that core retired personnel from the armed forces, security, police, and referrals from these institutions announced the creation of the San Martín.La Civil Libertior Meeting Table was held at the headquarters of the Life Insurance Military Society, and was chaired by Daniel Reimundes, a retired military officer prosecuted for illegal espionage. The objective of this group, they said, is to «represent all the uniforms serving across the country in the face of political leadership and public opinion.» In response to the announcement, Defense Minister Agustín Rossi re-wrote his criticisms of the liaison table presented and warned that «society must be alert to such a political operation.» He also noted that the table «was born to conspire» and warned that «this is the first time such a fact has happened in democracy.»

The Liaison Board of the Armed Forces, as the name implies, was born to conspire. It is presented almost as an alternative driving to the ffaa chiefs, assuming powers, functions and objectives that are typical of active military driving — Agustín Rossi (@RossiAgustinOk)
November 12, 2020

On the other hand, he clarified that the group «has no impact on active personnel» and that «it is an act of conspiracy, destabilizing about the policy of the Forces».

Last night, in a Twitter thread, the minister pointed to
Ernesto Juan Bossi: «The convener is General Bossi, retired, who is a born conspirator, because he already conspired against Nestor Kirchner and was denounced at the time.»

About Bossi he also said he «held leadership positions in the Army during menemism, a period of further degradation of military wages and flourishing of non-remunerative supplements that the government lay down at the request of current FFAA chiefs.»

In statements this morning to Radio 10, the minister concluded: «It is strange, because it is lenient, what is being formed. It is clear that it is a phenomenal political operation, from the way they appeared in the main media, and with the self-demining ‘link table’. Names don’t get randomly.»
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