translated from Spanish: Rueda brazened Alexis’ injury and flattered Mora, Bravo and Beausejour

Chile is preparing its duel against Peru on Friday with several novelties, including the return of Jean Beausejour. The left-back had announced his retirement from the national team, however, Reinado Rueda convinced him to return. «It’s a benchmark, an important historical one. At Copa América we said goodbye, no more than I told him to think about it, I left him alone. In March I managed to talk to him, but it’s not easy and football is like life, it’s for now. The meeting was not given and quarantine came,» DT said at a press conference. «Now I spoke to him, we meet. He feels great, maybe the time of the team by one factor or another has failed to give his best dimension. The illusion that is we can enjoy it longer. We had difficulties, Alfonso Parot had a major injury, he just amassed two games. The case of Sebastian Vegas, which in their clubs meets a very good level, in some they play side, in others of centrals and the national team needs another level,» added DT. Finally he emphasized that Beausejour is more than a side. «Apart from what leadership means, a positive leader, a leader who unies, a man with very special conditions,» he said. Another that also adds up is Felipe Mora. Dt did not want to announce whether it will be from the match in the duel before the Rimac, but highlighted the quality of finiquito he possesses. «He’s a player who has that talent, but who lacks that novel that Chilean football has handled. Let him realize he’s capable of the conditions he has. When he is an initialist, when he has space he is effective,» he explained. At the same press conference, Rueda brazenly let Alexis Sanchez have some physical complications. He did acknowledge that he has some discomfort as a product of the injury from which he recently recovered. «Yesterday (he left before training) for prevention, today he was evaluated. Any complex situation is ruled out, we will train this afternoon and see how it responds. We’re always going to think about the player first, we’re never going to put him at risk,» he said. He also took the opportunity to praise Claudio Bravo, who will make his debut under the Colombian in a match valid for points. «Claudio has shown him throughout his career everything that has grown, what he has accumulated, what he has given Chile. In addition, the ancestry it has about the team, all that it conveys and more with the maturity of the years. It’s rewarding to have it again for everything it transmits to the team,» he said. He also brazenly spoke of an eventual resignation if they do not get good results on this date. «It would be speculation, » replied the Colombian. On Chile’s rival, he said it will be «a match that is going to be from equal to equal, with all the goodness that this Peru has, a team that learned a lot». He also excelled in the last matches that have been measured with the Red «have been very accurate in goals».

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