translated from Spanish: Wife of Senator Alejandro Navarro: «These hours are critical»

«We are hopeful that he will recover, However, until now doctors do not yet give us that answer,» said Jonatan Díaz, spokesman and friend of Senator Alejandro Navarro (PRO), interned at Las Higueras Hospital in Talcahuano.Díaz added that, «we have been told that we are in the 48 hours that are critical, and depending on how it evolves during these hours, it will depend on how the senator will recover after this time that has passed inconsciousness.» Well, we need to remember that he still doesn’t wake up after the surgery process, which means we don’t know the actual state of the operation, whether or not it was a success,» he said. In the same line, he argued that «we must remember that the senator was subjected to cardiac revascularization, and is now with reserved prognosis, mechanical ventilation and sedation, presenting a very slight improvement but his condition remains critical.» That is why we call for support, because this is a very serious situation, very sad and we have to keep waiting unfortunately before we can have certain news about what your health situation is going to be in the next few hours,» he added. For her part, Carola Aedo, wife of the PARLIAMENTarian, thanked «the leaders, the neighbors, so many people who in one way or another have made us their love, for Senator Alejandro Navarro.» We are very grateful to all of us and we want to ask you especially to continue to pray, let us continue to send this light, this energy from all faith, so that he can evolve in a positive way. These hours are critical, but he’s a fighter and now he’s still fighting and we have faith that he’s going to make it,» he said. Regarding the situation in the National Congress, Jonatan Díaz explained that «the license was directly processed by the hospital into the Senate. And we have particular concern for the quorum, because next week is the 10% vote, and the calculations say there would be a vote directly.» I think it is good to remember that Alejandro Navarro has always been that decisive and direct vote when social issues have been decided, voting for citizens and workers and besides, he had already announced that he would vote in favor of the withdrawal of 10% for all Chileans and Chileans, so we call on Senators to vote in favor of this project so urgent for citizenship» Diaz closed.

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