translated from Spanish: In swimsuit Alexa Dellanos steals sighs on social media

Myrka Dellanos’ beautiful daughter, Alexa Dellanos, has no limits when it comes to showing her body on social media, as she demonstrated several times and was now the exception with excellent photography. The 27-year-old model, upon her return to worldly life after welcoming Christianity, is determined to live fully every day no matter what others say, as she has seen in her most recent Instagram posts.
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Alexa Dellanos decided to take advantage of the wonderful sunset to show off her lush curves in which she can be seen on her back showing off her grandiose attributes that drive her followers crazy on the social network.

The American model of Cuban origin Alexa Dellanos can be seen inside a pool watching towards the horizon while wearing a small swimsuit showing her pompoms, quickly getting praise everywhere. Alexa Dellanos not only stands out for her long blonde hair, her beautiful honey-colored eyes, but also for curvilinear figure that has been compared on more than one occasion to the prominent curves of the most mediate member of the Calabasas clan, Kim Kardashian.

With this photograph Alexa Dellanos turned on Instagram/@alexadellanos

In the multiple photographs that she uploads to her networks you can appreciate different locations, apparently the young woman likes to travel in different places of the world and take photos so that her followers continue to give a taste to the eyes and the heart. Today Dellanos has more than two million followers on Instagram, who revel in their steep curves, mainly when she shares her photographs in a swimsuit.

Original source in Spanish

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