translated from Spanish: Invite IMSS to male population to have vasectomy

Michoacán.- The Family Medicine Unit (UMF) No. 75 Camelinas, of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in Michoacán, calls on right and non-right-speaking males to participate in their annual vasectomy day, in order to promote responsible parenthood.
Cristóbal Garnica Rendón, head of the unit’s Clinical Department, explained that within the framework of World Vasectomy Day, days are held from 16 to 20 and from 23 to 27 November in the following units: in Morelia UMF No. 75 and 80; UMF No. 76 in Uruapan;No. 77 in La Piedad, as well as at the General Hospital of Area with Family Medicine (HGZ/MF) No. 12 in Lázaro Cárdenas.
A total of 264 patients are planned to be treated, of whom 45 will be from UMF No. 75, rightholders and non-rightholders.
At the time, Francisco Malváez Méndez, in charge of the Family Planning Module of the same clinic, explained that vasectomy is a definitive method of two-way birth control: when you already have enough children or when the plan is not to have them.
He abounded that it takes the patient 15 to 20 minutes, between directions, preparation and surgery without scalpel.
It is an outpatient surgery of minimal invasion, in which the patient returns on the third day to his normal activities without setback and depending on the evolution may have up to a disability.
It’s a half-centimeter incision with a local anesthetic. No sensitivity is lost, no ejaculation or couples’ life changes, he explained.
Finally, health workers agreed that with vasectomy as a definitive method of family planning, men also promote gender equity, since in a ratio of seven to three, most family planning methods are aimed at women.

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