translated from Spanish: Trump still doesn’t recognize his defeat in his first intervention in 8 days: he only talked about the advances of the COVID-19 vaccine

Outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday sought to capitalize on advances against a covid-19 vaccine, in his first appearance in eight days and without for the time being recognizing his defeat in last November’s presidential election in the country.
Without making a single mention of the elections or their outcome, the representative stressed in an intervention at the White House that in the last nine months his Administration «has begun the largest mobilization in U.S. history in the development and manufacture of therapies and vaccines in record time.»
In this regard, he stressed that the operation launched by his Government for the manufacture and distribution of vaccines and treatments for covid-19, the so-called «Operation Speed of Light», is «unmatched anywhere in the world».
«Leaders from other countries have called me to congratulate us on what we have been able to do, and we have helped many countries with respirators, and all the problems they are having,» he said.
In this regard, he wanted to attribute to his Government the progress made by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, which on Monday announced that its covid-19 vaccine was effective by 90%, above what was required by US regulators, which allows for rapid emergency authorization for its making available to the public.
«As a result of Operation Speed of Light, Pfizer announced Monday that its vaccine for the China virus is effective by more than 90%. This far exceeds any expectation,» Trump said.
And he criticized Pfizer as not being part of that operation of his administration, which he described as an «unfortunate misrepresentation, they are part»: «that’s why we gave them $1.95 billion, it was an unfortunate mistake they made when they said they would work to get an emergency authorization.»
According to the Snopes data verification page, used by U.S. media, Pfizer has received $1.95 billion for the manufacture and distribution of the vaccine in the U.S., but this does not mean that the Government has earmarked funds for its research and development.
In Trump’s speech at the White House Rose Garden, experts from his administration also spoke, only about covid-19, and no questions were accepted from journalists.
This Friday, U.S. media projections of election results were released in the last two remaining states, Georgia and North Carolina.
President-elect, Democrat Joe Biden, won presidential elections in Georgia, while Trump did so in North Carolina, which does not change the outcome of the nationwide election in which the former vice president was declared the winner, according to media screenings.
Biden accumulates 306 delegates and Trump, 232 of the total of 538 that make up the Electoral College. In the United States, a candidate who adds a minimum of 270 delegates to that body is proclaimed the winner of the Presidency.
Trump has not yet acknowledged his defeat and claims there has been fraud, without offering evidence.

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