translated from Spanish: 4T social vocation confirmed: Torres Piña

Morelia; Michoacán.- The social vocation of 4T is confirmed by allocating greater resources to support people with the highest lag, as demonstrated by the investment that was approved for the Social Housing Program, from one thousand 483 to 4 billion pesos in 2021, said Carlos Torres Piña, President of the Housing Committee of the Chamber of Deputies of the Congress of the Union , in a statement.
He stressed that the housing program has dual purposes, as it supports families with lower resources and on the other hand drives economic revival. In parallel, with the reform of the Laws of Infonavit and Fovissste, workers will be able to acquire housing, buy land to build, expand or repair the house, as well as pay mortgages; In addition, intermediaries are eliminated and formalities are simplified.  Reform to be approved in the coming days in San Lazarus, once the respective opinion was unanimously adopted at the end of October.
Reiteró, Torres Piña, which confirms the strong social component in the 2021 budget, because with the presence of the pandemic more investment is required to implement health programs, hospital construction, hiring doctors and purchasing medicines; therefore, a real increase was approved compared to the 2020 budget of 9.1% in the health sector and 5.0% for IMSS and ISSSTE as a whole.
The Welfare Secretariat has a leading role in the care of the most in need and will therefore have a budget of 191 billion pesos, supplemented by a reallocation of 754 million pesos.

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