translated from Spanish: A licensed official deputy was against the Wealth Tax

The holder of the Bank for Investment and Foreign Trade (BICE), José de Mendiguren, considered that other paths should be “sought” other than the Extraordinary Contribution to be discussed on Tuesday in the premises of the Chamber of Deputies, a body of which he is licensed. De Mendiguren was in favour of being asked for solidarity “to those who have the most” but considered it inappropriate to “tax the same goods affected by production”.
“To Argentina’s productive instruments we all need to export more,” emphasized the leader close to Sergio Massa, who after being elected deputy asked for leave to take up his position at BICE. Finally, the ‘Vasco’ considered that financing through the funds that Argentines have outside the system will be “fundamental”. Referring to the country’s economic situation, the leader of the Renewing Front explained that “we are in a complex situation and stabilizing variables is what it is costing.”  >

In the last week, Alberto Fernández announced a US$500 million loan for projects that promote sustainable development.” National development banking is called to play a central role in the reconfiguration of a more inclusive and sustainable socio-productive system,” the president said.

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