translated from Spanish: Confirms Alfonso Durazo death of his mother by coronavirus

Sonora.- The candidate for the governor of Sonora, Francisco Alfonso Durazo Montaño, disclosed that his mother, Mrs. María Luisa Montaño, lost his life because of the covid-19 coronavirus, a disease that also queers his 99-year-old father. She recalled that she was an “advanced person for her time”, concerned about the school and professional training of her twelve children, six men and six women, whom she brought forward with her father.
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Mrs. Mery had six men and six women and we all got ahead professionally with the generous financial backing (as far as she could) of Don Conrado, my father. For a village man’s economy to help get all his children through, he’s a bastard,” he exclaimed.

The former student recalled that in his case, he “caught up with him” to help him with his studies through high school. “Yesterday he left Don Conrado his life partner. It was 70 and so many years of marriage.” Moments later he highlighted that although the infectious disease claimed his mother’s life, he is still hopeful that his soul and memory will accompany him forever in his professional as well as personal walk. About his father, he reported that he is coping with the situation “hardly, but there he goes.” After firing his mother he was sinceathed to say that he lives personal times “very uncertain”, full of helplessness. 
I leave everything in God’s hands,” he said.

She appreciated the expressions of affection and solidarity that he and his family have received in the face of the death of their father, “We see her depart in the hope that her soul and her memory will accompany us forever. Really thank you all,” he closed.

Original source in Spanish

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