translated from Spanish: Investigate possible explosives trafficking from Paraguay border

The national government was alerted after receiving an anonymous message to the Argentine Embassy in the United Kingdom denouncing that a man wanted to enter ammonium nitrate from the border with Paraguay to make explosives and commit an attack in the country. According to the message that arrived on Friday 13th on the social networks of the embassy, it is believed that the manufacture of such explosives was intended to attack the Jewish community in Argentina. The entrance of the cargo would have been from the city of Encarnación, Paraguay, to Posadas, capital of Misiones. Interestingly, the message came after in another operation the Encarnación police hijacked dynamite cartridges and prevented the manufacture of a car bomb with which a Brazilian criminal gang sought to free its imprisoned leaders in a nearby prison. According to Infobae, after receiving the message, the Argentine Chancellery informed the Ministry of Security of the Nation that it notified the Directorate General of International Coordination of the Argentine Federal Police (PFA). Currently, security forces perform intelligence tasks at the border crossing with Encarnación to identify the person mentioned. Although so far there is no news on the alleged shipment of explosives or the individual reported in the message, staff of the Federal Police Counter-Terrorism Investigation Unit notified the Federal Police and Security Forces, the Directorate-General of Customs and the National Directorate of Migration of rumors. In turn, DAIA holder Jorge Knoblovits, who told Infobae to be aware of the situation, was notified: “DaIA is on the subject from minute zero. We are in contact with the Ministry of Security, Minister Sabina Frederic. Early warnings are in run and so are security levels.” It is worth remembering that ammonium nitrate is a chemical compound commonly used for the manufacture of explosives for terrorist purposes. For example, it was used in the 1994 AMIA bombing. It was also recently the component responsible for the explosion in Beirut, where more than 200 people were killed in August this year.

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