translated from Spanish: Minister Delgado says commemoration of Camilo Catrillanca’s death “is a very sensitive date” and called for “advancing dialogue”

The Interior Minister, Rodrigo Delgado, referred to the two years that follow the murder of Camilo Catrillanca in La Araucanía and whose commemoration took place today with dozens of people who gathered on Route 5 south – in a caravan on horseback and by car – to remember the events that occurred in 2018.
“It is a very sensitive date, but it is also sensitive dates that remind us of any death, any murdered, any fact of excessive violence. What we have to achieve in La Araucanía is what most of the people who live there want, need and deserve, which is peace,” Minister Delgado said, according to Emol.
The chief of staff said it coincided with the call of the Catrillanca family to commemorate this date in peace. “That was a call that has been valued, personally I have valued it and so I have been told to people close to you to deliver that message to the Catrillanca family. I value it, I think that’s the way, I think the path has to do with dialogue,” Delgado added.
The minister finally insisted that progress must be made in the dialogue and closed by saying that “one thing is the cause one can embrace, anyone can have a different look, but another thing is the violence that many want to confuse and associate with such causes.”
“You have to separate things and you have to work down the path of peace,” he concluded.

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