translated from Spanish: Reinaldo Rueda: “It was a round match for how the players were toasted”

The coach of the Chilean national team, Reinaldo Rueda, highlighted tonight the delivery of his directors in the 2-0 win over Peru, at the Estadio Nacional, the first celebration on this long South American road to the 2022 Qatar World Cup.At the time of the analysis in Uñoa, the strata of Colombian origin declared that “I think it was a round match for the way the players were provided , each with their commitments. Today it could be rounded with a triumph that was what the selection needed and that the boys deserved. I think even the alternatives were very committed to today’s game.” All the games are important, these Qualifiers are very contested and we left in the previous game the three points, and today playing against a team with the consolidation of Peru, Chile showed that it is growing and improving,” he added, looking optimistically at the future. Regarding the great performance presented today by Arturo Vidal, the author of the two goals, and Claudio Bravo, with at least three major interventions, the technician of the ‘Team of All’ said that “we have to applaud the character of both (…) They were going to take on this challenge like this, they always give themselves full. That’s why we always have to applaud that character and personality of both of us.” In addition, Rueda pointed to the importance today of the so-called combine references, such as Isla, Beausejour, Alexis, Bravo and Vidal. “Historical men have done a great performance. Let us not forget the naturalness that this is the opportunity they represent, that they will continue to improve, and that there is a long way to go. They are a very important support. The strength of these men is vital, how they infect, how they involve young people. How that synergy is going to continue to play the ball well, be hardened and supportive,” he said. As for Alexis Sánchez’s entry into the end, at 83 minutes by Mauricio Isla, the caleño noted that “he entered at an opportune time and was very good, the important thing was to give him continuity and to take confidence without taking risks”. Finally, the once-elding team from Colombia, Ecuador and Honduras clarified that today’s “was never easy. I think these gambling circumstances, the decisions, Arthur’s risking thing allowed us to hug. It was a well-worked thing, a factor that we had potentialized and that was achieved today and this made it possible to win.”

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